Rhien Group


At Rhein, we believe that our success goes beyond profitability and growth. What we do affects the community, environment and society at large. To be responsible citizens and reputable producers of the country we undergo implementation of policies and practices to have a positive influence on our surroundings. Through various environmental and social measures, we regulate ourselves to have a crucial role in the community and society’s well being.


  • Environmental Initiatives (Reducing Carbon Footprint)

  • Philanthropy (Charity Work & Benefiting Community)

  • Ethical Labour Practices (Fair & Ethical Treatment)

  • Volunteer Projects (Disaster Management & Relief Work)



At Rhein Group we believe in maintaining, developing and elevating the community that we operate in. Our production facility has been operating the __ of __ for the past 35 years. The nature of our business requires highly skilled labour and technically sound staff who keep an eye on intricate details of our production. Our family of colleagues has worked with us for years and years on, the natural tangibility of several members of the same household working with us is high and certain. In some cases, several generations of the same family stayed with us. Through this high level of job security and the community payback, we can alleviate the living standards of the challenged households, looking to do production relevant labour in our area.

Environment Our Life, Preservation Our Goal

We care deeply and believe strongly about preservation and environmental protection, a conscious mind and a caring thought is the core value of the production team and management at Rhein Group. To be sustainable, to protect the habitat and to lower our carbon footprint we develop our processes, use raw materials and dispose of waste responsibly. Several trainings occur all year long to educate our team and to polish our memory on the steps we need to take to ensure our contribution and efforts align with the preservation of our dear planet.


A team can be broken but a family sticks together. Our mission and vision of the workforce are to enable comfort, equal opportunity and problem-solving. The team at Rhein Group is not just capable of handling tasks assigned but looking beyond the 9 to 5. We care deeply about the people we work with and their challenges become ours. Through financial aid, medical expenditures and education funding of the families of our team, focus and mindset are always balanced to the scale of attention required to make precision surgical instruments. We care, we share.