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Rhein Group

Rhein Group, a prime producer of equipment in the medical field, predominantly surgical instruments, was formed in 1987. Over more than 3 decades of crafting to the request of medical professionals worldwide, Rhein gave surgical instruments a new benchmark. Produced in a meticulously maintained environment, at consistently high quality and customised to the specific needs of its clients. The name and the brand Rhein are considered the forerunner for high grade and precise surgical instruments that deliver unprecedented trust and confidence into the hands of medical professionals, whether they are surgeons, doctors or paramedical staff in situations where the margins between life or death are simply invisible.

Rhein Group considers being one of the pioneers, in the great city of Sialkot, of cementing and reinvigorating Pakistan’s name in the surgical instruments industry worldwide. Through trade events and outreach programmes, Rhein has been able to have been consistently working towards building Pakistan’s reputation in the world as an incomparable force where skilled and precise work labour is required. The creativity with which all these instruments are made can be described with the very word of the activity they are used in, with surgical precision.

Rhein produced speciality equipment and instruments for the following fields; ENT & diagnostics, laryngoscope blades, handles, sets, power sources & accessories and single-use instruments among many other variables and types.

The whole of the product portfolio is presented here and can be viewed in detailed categorised catalogues available on requisition or query through any of our digital media channels.

About Us

Our leadership Team

Mazhar Hussain Amjad


Bilal Amin

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Abdul Basit

Director Marketing

Omer Farooq

Chief Financial Officer

The People Behind Rhein

We are a group of visionaries who assimilate ideas, to entail on the journey of a challenging path. The path that leads to more challenges and continues dedicated efforts. We are the army that takes up arms in the form of forging metals in a burning hot furnace. We shape and form such exquisite materials into pieces of fine art, the art called medicine. Precision, quality and accuracy are the measurements with which our products are made. The smoke-filled furnaces, burning red and shining like a star in the night sky, remind us that we are masters of handi-craft, only our products save lives.

Global Outreach:

Rhein’s reach is global, our quality production, accurate tailor-made orders, swift logistical efficiency and satisfied clients enable us to export our goods to over 25 countries worldwide. (we can mark, US, Eu, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and Asia Pacific on the map)

Historical Timeline

To view in perspective the history of Rhein Group, one must encapsulate the challenges and shortcomings a manufacturer has to face while establishing and growing in a developing country. We are proud to be one of the influential companies of Pakistan, whereby, we not only have been able to elevate the community and surroundings but also gave a lot back to the people and the city where we operate. For more than 3 decades, Rhein Group ascertained its mantle, laid the groundwork and became the brand it is today. By earning the trust, reliability and loyalty of its esteemed clientele. We have supplied to more than 30 countries globally, to some of the most reputable doctors, practitioners and medical institutions. Their satisfaction and confidence in our products, the precision standards expected are what makes Rhein’s history yet to be written. The 3 decades to come is where we feel lies our true and unseen potential, to make memories of all the lives we will affect and improve, through times of dire emergencies and a routine day at the hospital or clinic, Rhein has been and will always be there to provide the instruments of this skilful trade.



Like the generals in the army waiting to deploy their battalion to the enemy front, to battle and proclaim victory. Men and women of the armed forces rely deeply and heavily on the arsenal in their hands, with their lives on the line. Our story is quite similar, the battalion and generals are the doctors and paramedical staff, the enemy is the disease, the forefront is the human body and the arsenal with which the disease is removed, are the instruments we make. Behind most medical examination, tending or surgery one name that you will find synonymous with the world leaders is Rhein. With the orange badging and the distinguishable typeface, we are balancing lives, precisely.

The millions of procedures, thousands of doctors, hundreds of institutions in tens of countries all rely on the precision, standard and quality of the instruments we make, proud to say Rhein has been involved, invisible to the media limelight, in most of the vital and of note emergencies the world has seen in the past 35 years.